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In today’s competitive market how you represent yourself in print is just as important as the product you sell.  Grammatically flawed, inconsistent, or cumbersome text can ruin your business before it even gets started. Let me help! I have over twenty years of professional editing, writing, and teaching experience helping others find just the right words to represent their businesses. 

"My job is to do more than just write professional copy for you. It's to represent your business in a voice that sounds like you."  


Hair Undone Testimonial for Shannon Zarb

Shannon has this magical ability to pull the details of your story right to the surface and communicate your authenticity without fail. I own two salons and have had the pleasure of working with her to write bios for all of my stylists. I really appreciate her energetic nature, the way she is able to set you at ease, learn all about you and then put your story to paper. She is professional, dependable and genuine, and I look forward to working with her closely as I continue to grow my business.       

—Apryl Lynn, Hair Undone

Burnt Studios Testimonial for Shannon Zarb

Shannon is a ROCK STAR! I love, love, love working with her on every project that I get the opportunity to. I run my own graphic design business and I utilize Shannon for her creative and professional services on a regular basis. I love to sit back and brainstorm with her and value her opinion immensely. I would recommend her to everyone!  

—Tiffany Willard, Burnt Studios 

Khe-Yo Testimonial for Shannon Zarb

 Shannon's ability to interpret my brand and create content that connects with potential customers has proven invaluable to my business. She takes on the voice of ownership and assists in starting, editing, and/or finishing multiple projects at a time. She has also been an asset to brainstorm new marketing strategies and ideas with. Overall, her management and creativity on multiple ongoing projects have shown a return on my investment. I highly recommend her for your business. 

Nick Bradley, {Khe-Yo}


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